"In Pursuit of Elegance for the Quiet Leader:
Elegant Marketing for Introverts in Business"




September 20th

at 10am LA, 1pm NYC, 6pm UK, 7pm Paris

Presented by

Françoise Everett

During this training call Françoise will reveal

  • Why elegance is a powerful platform for the quiet entrepreneur

  • The foundational structures you need to create a thriving, elegant business

  • Elegant marketing and mindset for the introvert in business

  • Elegant boundaries and self-care to support your business and lifestyle

Imagine feeling elegant, clear, and confident in yourself and in your business.
Imagine elegant mindset, marketing and sales conversations aligned with your quiet nature.
Imagine living your most elegant life with a thriving business that supports all of your desires.

It's your time to shine as the elegant introvert that you are!

So claim your spot below!