Welcome to The Goddess Tribe of Mothers

by Francoise Everett on April 26, 2011

Welcome to the Tribe!

We are a collection of mothers around the globe.  We come from all walks of life, all nationalities, different beliefs, and untold experiences.  We are a global tribe of women.  Even though we’ve never met in person, we are all bound together by a primal thread of common interest and kindred spirit.  We are mothers!

And if we really think about it, most of the time, we love being mothers!  Motherhood is a gift.  It is a privilege to be connected to the source of creation, in some ways to be the source of creation.  We share a bond that is understood among us.  No words are necessary.  While our experiences may vary, the bond is the same no matter what our origin.

We work really hard.  We sacrifice.  We get up in the night.  We do homework with our children.  We take extra time to make sure they get it.  We make dinner.  We bathe them.  We love them.  We read stories.  We listen to their wild imaginations. We tuck them in at night.  We love them some more.  We adore them.  And sometimes no matter what we do, something gets in the way of the love and we end up stressed, unappreciated, disconnected and feeling unfulfilled somehow.  We want something more.  We desire breathing space.  We are yearning for deeper meaning.  We are searching for our passion and purpose beyond motherhood.  And then we wonder if it’s appropriate to want more.  We feel guilty, and we are afraid to admit it.

Together, we have the power to nurture and heal the world.  But we cannot do that from a place of competition with each other.  If we rediscover our inherent ability and inclination to nurture not only our children and our families, but the others of us in the tribe of women – mothers – we can transform our own lives as well.

We are a tribe of beautiful, strong, empowered, divine women.  We’ve succeeded and we’ve failed.  We’ve been joyful and we’ve been heart-broken. We’ve been fulfilled and we’ve been depleted.  We’ve fallen down and been beaten.  And we’ve gotten up again and triumphed.

We are heart-guided.  We are committed to rich, balanced and fulfilling lives for ourselves, and our loved ones.  We insist on enjoying ourselves, while we contribute our greatness to the world!  We nourish ourselves so we can nourish our tribe!

We hold our hands together to encircle the earth!  This is our sacred space, and we are here to shine our light!

Please come join us!


Welcome to the Circle of Trust

by Francoise Everett on March 25, 2011

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our world.

The internet can be a large and daunting place.  A digital jungle… well, rest assured that this site will be your oasis.

And a place where interesting, like minded people like us can connect.  And speak our mind…

I always encourage your feedback!  Let me know how I’m doing and share your own stories.

You can expect this site to be the hub and source for solid information on our greatest passion!

I invite you to participate, and subscribe to get involved with the latest conversations!  The more we can learn from each other and share our thoughts – the more we can shine a light for others lost in cyberspace!

I look forward to growing in knowledge with you.

Together we change the world!  Or at the least create a community where we can express our ideas and share our common interest!

So subscribe, comment and let me know your story.