On the verge of losing everything, I find myself raw, resilient and resourceful.

I let go and connect within — not as a practice but as a being present — and I allow time to slow down as I take one step at a time.  I get real with my commitment.  The only thing that matters is today.  Right now.

I discover a very fine, yet monumental, line which distinguishes my acting from fear versus my acting from power.  On the edge of this line, is where I notice I have crossed over to power.  I have no idea how massive the shift is about to be.  I notice that in my trying to hold on, I have been operating from fear.  I didn’t know it and I would have denied it, but I was.  Now I see clearly.

I make a choice — the choice to be willing to lose everything, and move forward anyway.  I allow myself to go into the fear, the darkness, and the worst imaginable scenario.  I experience relief from the burden of holding it all in place, and tremendous peace sets in.  My body fully engages in the battle for survival.  It is raw.  Yet peaceful.

I enter a territory of high uncertainty and possible catastrophe.  I stop fighting to prop up a reality which no longer works.  I surrender.  Feel humbled.  Have compassion.

There is a world of difference when you go after something in order to avoid your biggest fear turning into reality, and when you go after something out of commitment, no matter how things turn out, because you’ve gotten to the knowing that you are fundamentally okay no matter how it turns out.

I am at peace in the midst of chaos.  Each step comes to me in my quiet mind.  I am not reacting.  I experience a deep slowing down of time and space.  I am relaxed with heightened awareness for my survival.  There is power here.

My internal compass is sharp.  Accurate.  Undeniable.

I follow it.  Fiercely.

I rest and restore for what’s being called forth.  I don’t push anymore.  I allow it to be exactly the way that it is and the way that it isn’t.

My strength is extraordinary.  I appreciate the world being tough with me.  I find my grounding.

Struggle awakens me.
Survival strengthens me.
Courage restores me.

I find myself graceful.  Limitations dissolve.  The truth liberates.

My life is my own.

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