I’ve been reading and doing the work in the “Advanced How to Become Money Workbook” by Gary M. Douglas.  The book is all about expanding consciousness and living out of the question rather than the answer.  It is focused on who you are willing to be, rather than the model of being right and not wrong.

While some of this work, or sometimes a lot of this work, has my linear mind go crazy, I then remind myself that nothing about this this work in consciousness is linear.  It all lives beyond what my mind can grasp.

For far too long, as I was learning, I wanted to make concepts fit into my understanding, and it simply doesn’t.  If you experience challenges in your life, whether it be work, wealth or wellbeing, chances are you’ve been limiting your possibilities by trying to make certain concepts fit inside your mind and its linear thinking.

I came upon this quote in the book and it stopped me in my tracks: “I know that I have my back and the universe will have it too, because I have it.  I know I’m not willing to give up, and as long as I’m not, the universe won’t either.”

An immense shift occurred within me with the realization that I might not have had my own back for a long time.  It’s very easy to regurgitate what we hear all the time, and say “the Universe has my back” and then go on doing what we’re doing.  It’s an entirely different experience to declare that “I have my back, and therefore the Universe does too.”  You MUST engage first!  Always!

Some questions to play with when it comes to you engaging first are:

  • What can I be, do, have, create or generate that would allow this to show up?
  • How do I want to live my life?  Which one of these possibilities is more fun?
  • If I didn’t create judgment, how quickly would what I desire actualize in my future?
  • If I was totally confident and capable of creating a fortune, what would I choose today?

And here is a really powerful one,

  • If I had no lifeline, what would I be?

As you ponder these questions, write down your answers in a journal.  These don’t have to be right answers… just possibility.  Far too often, as we are trying to make something work, we inevitably get ourselves stuck again in looking for a solution.  The solution in this moment is one of many possibilities which will reveal itself, as soon as you engage in the process first.

I want to draw a distinction here because again, it’s very easy to regurgitate what we hear.  Taking action is vitally important, and if you’re honest about it, you can take action without engaging in the process… without clarity and without commitment.

  • Engaging in the process is YOU living in truth, from clarity, confidence and commitment. NOTE: your confidence will grow from engaging in the process with clarity and commitment.
  • Engaging in the process is you being willing to face the challenges, and remaining dedicated to having your back no matter how challenging your circumstances are.
  • Engaging in the process is also you being willing to pause in the midst of chaos to hear your wisdom and next steps… and then take them.

Therefore, have your back, engage in the process, take action!

Now, watch how the Universe has your back!

Much love from the Universe and me,