These are pillars of elegance!


We’ve been overcomplicating just about everything.

We’ve gotten lost in the land of ‘more’.

We believe if we ‘just get to this place’ or ‘accomplish one more thing’ we’ll ‘get there’.

But there isn’t a ‘getting there’.

The true ‘getting there’ is trusting in the journey of your life.

Believing in the possibility of your desires being manifested by allowing them to be revealed,
rather than going after them.

Coaching is about revealing what’s inside of you already.  It’s about receiving support to guide you to your inner wisdom and true nature.  Not to take on someone’s else’s techniques that worked for them.

Elegance is about coming home.  It’s about leaning back… not controlling circumstances and outcomes.

When the qualities of elegance are present in your life, you automatically create more spaciousness.  You slim down the clutter and the to-do list, the overwhelm and the sacrificing.

When the qualities of elegance are present in your business, you become stylish, substantive and sustainable rather than burned out.

I have been down this road.  I wish I could tell you that my detour wasn’t so damn long.  But it was!

Here is a bit of my story.  I was pretty much born into elegance.  It’s all I knew growing up in Europe.  It was as natural to me as PB&J is to Americans.  (While on the other side of the Atlantic we were having butter and Nutella on baguette.)

Born in Paris from a French mother, I come naturally into the world of beauty and simplicity.  It’s an inner quality we come from.  And my father, being an engineer and having great style, also brought extraordinary beauty and simplicity into our lives.  And the coolest part about it is that I happen to love these qualities of elegance!

For example, I love setting a beautiful table.  I love using cloth napkins.  I love preparing simple, yet delicious food.  I love making my environment one of beauty no matter how large or small.  Elegance is about offering your best quality each moment, from the inside out (not from an external, comparative place).

When my family moved to New York, my life became more complicated.  I learned that more is better, and it was the complete opposite of what I had learned growing up in Europe.  I adopted these new ways in order to fit in.  Yet, as I’ve grown older, I realize that I love the basics and I’m ready to come home to my roots… roots for which I am incredibly grateful.

I’ve been on a very meandering journey away from simplicity and sustainability for far too long.  Over the last few years, I’ve been so happily coming back to my true essence of embracing my own style, simplifying my life and business, and slowly coming back to sustainability.  



In my experience, more, more, and more has led me to burnout.  The loss of wellbeing is one that I am no longer willing to tolerate.  I know that I am not alone in this, because these conversations are abundant.  Ask yourself this (and fill in the blank with just one of these):

“When was the last time I had a conversation with a woman who did not say she is either tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, worn out, stretched thin, wants more space, ____________ (choose one or fill in the blank)?”

While this scenario might be normal today, it is most unnatural.  And I might add, unhealthy.

I am returning home, on a path of beauty, simplicity and sustainability.  Your own path may look different than mine, which is just perfect.  What matters is that you find your path to your gold.

The question to ask yourself is this:  are you where you really want to be in your physical and financial wellbeing?  If one or both are missing, then I’d love to for us to have a conversation.

I’m very excited about helping you come home to yourself, your true nature, and to listening to your own inner wisdom once again.  Life is much more fun from this place.

I promise that this is one of the inner strengths of French women of elegance.  They have an internal knowing of what’s right for them, and they are non-negotiable about it.  They simply know.  And they live by it, unapologetically.  Not from a place of forcing it out into the world.  Not from having to take on more to do.  Not from entitlement or deservedness.  But rather, from just knowing it and from being responsible enough to express it with emotional maturity.

Ready to experience your own elegance?  Let’s talk.  Email me at

Deep love,



ps –  Consider using the summer months to bring forth these qualities into your life and business, and watch you both expand!  You will pleasantly surprised!