Today I’m excited to share with you about the powerful breakthrough I had on the boat earlier this week.

If you read my earlier email, you will remember that while boating on Monday evening I was in so much resistance I wanted to throw my beloved boyfriend overboard.  He was trying to show me something about myself, a place where I was massively stuck and couldn’t see it.  (And in case you’re wondering, we had an amazing evening, even with my resistance in play, or at least after I got past it.  Anyway, I digress.)

If you think you’ve heard this before, perhaps you have. But read on.  He distinguished it out for me in a way I had never heard before, and I’m here to share it with you now.

As you probably know from your own experience, when we’re in our stuck moments, generally we cannot see what others can so easily see for us.   And when someone holds it up for us to see, we often resist.  Sometimes fiercely.  As I was yesterday. But he was patient and unrelenting, and gradually, despite all my “stuff”, and threatening to throw him overboard, (he said, “come on if you think you can.”  He did not back down despite my protests and anger at him),  the light began to come on.

He wanted to give me the key to my breakthrough in business.  It was simple, which is often the case with what we need in order to reach the next level of success, but because I could not see it at the time, it seemed impossible.  I didn’t even want to hear it, I was so mad.  But as it began to dawn on me that he really did see something valuable for me, I stopped resisting and began to listen like, hey, wait a minute, this could really help me.

He had me see that my stuckness was rooted in not speaking my truth in the moment.  It was stuck in my throat.  Stuck in voices I had heard in the past, voices judging me, constraining me, restricting my self expression.  I had learned to allow all that to stop me, and not only couldn’t see a way out, I couldn’t even see that I was stuck.  I just thought that’s the way it is.

So once I saw that I was in fact stuck there, I still couldn’t see a way out.  And that’s what he gave me.  A clear vision of the way out.

He had me see, that for me, the way out is simply to observe, create and speak.  (I said it was simple.  But I began to see the power in what he said.)

Observe anything around me.

Create an image of that in my mind.

And speak that.

As I began to do that I also began to see that the simple act of observing, creating and speaking was freeing me up from my stuckness.

By doing that when there is nothing at stake I began to see that I have the power to do it anytime, regardless of the circumstances.  And now my freedom is growing by the moment.

It is this kind of coaching I offer my clients.  Funny enough my clients get that from me but I couldn’t see it for myself.  That’s why we need a coach, huh?  To clearly see the blind spot in another and lovingly have them see the light about that for themselves and in doing so, to become free and move on.  The “answer” for me may not be the answer for you.  A good coach has you see the one that works for you.

Are you ready to have that light come on for yourself?

Are you ready to look where you can’t see?

Are you willing to discover what you don’t know that you don’t know?  The very blind spot that is holding you back from the success you want with your business?

If you are ready for that breakthrough for yourself, let’s talk.