A Real Gift

Working with Francoise has been a real gift. I so look forward to our calls and am constantly amazed at what clarity I get each and every time - no matter which assignment I have been working on or what is on my mind. She has worked with me at a pace that has been right for me with grace and encouragement at every step of the way.

Before I started working with Francoise I had no idea what my vision was for my business, much less for my life. I had limiting beliefs about what was possible and approached many of my decisions from a mentality of lack. With her help I am learning to see the abundance that is already in my life and to believe that so much more is available. She's helped me to remember how to dream again and has opened up for me a renewed spiritual awareness.

I have experienced so much growth thanks to Francoise' coaching! I have seen my revenue increase significantly and have made bold investments in myself and my business. I've moved my business out of my kitchen and into an office space that inspires my creativity. And while I continue to work on naming and attracting my ideal client, I am finding my voice and exploring how to make my architecture business an expression of me by reconnecting with my authentic self.

Anne Sciarrone, AIA, LEED AP, H. Anne Blakely Sciarrone Architecture, LLC

Within the first month of working with Françoise, income increased more than threefold.

Sometimes in your life you meet people that have such an impact on your existence that you can’t thank God enough for sending them your way. For me, Françoise is one of those people. Working with her is immense enjoyment and it is fantastically revealing.

At the time that I met Françoise, I was in a comfort zone with my business and instead of growing, my business was steadily declining. Within the first month of working with Françoise, income increased more than threefold and I rediscovered the excitement from 10 years ago at the start of my business. This time, I have the right tools.

Thanks to Françoise’s genuine and generous service, business is booming, opportunities are seized and life is rich.

She has inspired me and enabled me to build the life I want.

My daily life has become so much brighter and clearer since working with Francoise. She has inspired me and enabled me to build the life I want.

Before I started working with Francoise, I felt lost, unfocused and did not know how to improve my situation. And now, I am able to think through decisions with a more positive approach resulting in more successful outcomes. I am able to proceed with confidence.

Here are the 3 most significant improvements thanks to Francoise:

  • Being more proactive, instead of reactive and emotional.
  • Staying focused on my values and what motivates me to be better.
  • Keeping a clear vision of what I want to achieve for my life.
KJ Bare, Lia Sophia