I am reaching for the impossible.

And it feels remarkably empowering.

Today, I want to speak with you about infusing beauty and soul into business…

I have BIG goals this year.  They light me up in a huge way, and without beauty and soul, these goals would seem very challenging… even dry and meaningless.  But, with my desires well articulated, I am ready to PLAY!

I’m not just dreaming here.  I’m taking daily, intentional, aligned action to arrive at the end of this year 2018, having either accomplished my goals or having poured my soul into achieving them because they are now my true desires, and I am ready to go to work on them in a way that is spacious, soulful, and beautiful.

In a world where make it happen and go get it is our society’s preferred method, I’m offering you a different way.

One which brings results with grace, empowerment, peace of mind and wellbeing.

So at this point in time, you are invited to come along on the journey!

This week I want you to think about two things only:


The biggest leap of faith is trusting that you can let go of the how.  You don’t need to know the how.

Take out your journal and spend some time writing what you desire.  It will guide you and nurture you.  Who do you want to be this year as a woman, a mom, a spouse, a woman in business?  Allow yourself to go way beyond your wildest imagination and when it brings a smile in your heart, you’ll know you’re on your beautiful and soulful path.


Be willing to speak your mind.  To be vulnerable.  To be visible.

The more visible you are, the more people will have opinions about you.  They’ll voice them.  It’s ok.  Take a deep breath.

The experience might sting at times.
It might trigger you.
It might even touch an old wound.
It’s ok.  You can handle it with grace.

When you infuse beauty and soul into your work, you feel daring, bold, and courageous to take the next level of action… whether that presents itself as a conversation or a launch or a big ask to the boss.

Beauty and soul offer you the difference between experiencing aliveness in every area of your life, and merely existing, living the same day, week, month, year, over and over again.

So which one do you want?  Which are you choosing?

You have a blank slate for this new year.  What are you painting on your canvas?

Desire help to get to this point of clarity?  Book yourself a complimentary discovery session.  It will be effective and elegant.  I promise.

With deep love,

ps — Stay tuned for more on bringing soul and beauty into your business.  We will be exploring a great deal on wisdom, wealth and wellbeing… and how to organically grow your business with the presence of these elements, along with other pillars of elegance!