Elevate to Elegance

Do you want to attract high-end, high-achieving clients and
create ideal partnerships in a way that aligns
with your stylish nature?

Francoise Everett

I’m Françoise Everett and not that long ago I craved this too. I would dream about attracting high-end clients and having a thriving business to support me and my daughter with ease, elegance and grace.

As enticing as this dream was, I also feared it. I couldn’t see why these clients would need me. If they are high-achieving women, then what do I have to offer them?

Once I moved beyond my fear, I realized I’m a high-achieving woman in my own right – with unique gifts, talents and abilities. My very essence allows me to support these amazing individuals in achieving their goals.

I was transformed from the inside out by what I now call The Elegance Blueprint. With thoughtful and purposeful design, I elevated both my business and life to elegance status. It felt like I was coming home.

Elegance — the art of leaning back, understated confidence, and not being over the top, stating the obvious — was the key to now building my business and my life on purpose. It was in alignment with my core values. Most elegantly, clients started to come to me, and tell me they wanted to know more.

Businesses with elegant solutions are the ones that thrive. But it is even more important that you thrive as well – in alignment with your business. You become filled up by your business, beyond your wildest imagination.

This now forms the basis of my core work — to support high-achieving women in the elegant pursuit of a life and business they absolutely love.

This 90-day program is paced for success, with structures and boundaries in place to support you, so that you do not burn out. This is what worked for me.

It offers a balance of momentum without exhaustion. It provides time to integrate each new client that you attract into your business. It supports your well-being in the process. It allows you to grow at a nurtured pace while you put the work into it, and you get to become the woman you are meant to be. There’s no bypass in the process – and that’s my most cherished accomplishment.

Elegance is a fundamental state of being. It is an art and you have access to it.

Elevate to Elegance

90 days to a thriving and elegant business for
the woman entrepreneur.

If you’re looking to flourish in your life and thrive in your business, this program will reveal how you are at the source of everything you create. You will design your life from the inside out, in alignment with your desires. You will take inspired action with awareness, intention, and joy.

During The Elegance Business Experience,
you will learn the following:

  • BRANDING: get clear on what it is to live on brand and be the brand in your business, so that you create your business from the inside out
  • EXPERTISE: take your field of expertise and create your thriving boutique business by establishing your credible brand
  • CLARITY: on your ideal client, target market, business offer, and pricing
  • FOUNDATION: create the business structures and systems necessary for your personal and business success
  • COMMUNICATION: learn to write your elegant copy so that you feel at ease and confident in your online and offline marketing
  • MARKETING: implement your 90-day plan to reach your ideal clients, and communicate with confidence and visibility
  • SELLING: learn to have effective, elegant conversations, discovery sessions, and initial consultations
  • MASTERY: of your time, calendar, and boundaries to ensure your success in business and well-being
  • SELF-CARE: be crystal clear about your non-negotiables, and live by them
  • FEMININITY: connect unapologetically to your desires and bring joy to the process of receiving support in your life and money in your business
  • CREDIBILITY: bring all of you and your experience together to immediately build your credibility (even if you are brand new), and be recognized by high-end media publications as a woman of power and influence.
  • ELEGANCE: define your own elegance rules so that you create a life and business you absolutely love!
Being on brand changed my life, and the life of my clients. It radically elevated my business because the real me was now standing up and speaking. I was being heard in a noisy world. And so were my clients.

Through Elegance, a woman gets to fully embrace her femininity, as well as, how she relates to everything in her life, including her business.

As I allow my authentic expression to lead the way, being on brand from the inside out, my life flourishes with incredible love and joy, and my business thrives and elevates with each new client I have the privilege of working with.

Francoise is a master of sales and marketing
with elegance and class.

Working with Francoise has been nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful the universe allowed our paths to cross, as she has become one of the biggest influences in my professional life.

Before I started working with Francoise my business was growing very slowly and I was simply not reaching my potential. I was not effectively communicating with potential clients and my authentic voice was
buried deep below a generic elevator speech.

Francoise taught me how to truly connect with my target audience. This has resulted in signing more clients, increasing my revenue and expanding and growing my business.

Her coaching was completely tailored to my business and my personality. Her suggestions are effective, realistic, and in alignment with my professional (and personal) approach. Francoise is a master of sales and marketing with elegance and class.

On top of all the wonderful benefits of working with Francoise, I also had a lot of fun! I experienced a renewed excitement about my business and life in general. I always looked forward to our calls.

Francoise helped me truly transform my business!

Taylor Galen | Certified Health Coach | taylorgalen.com

Francoise was able to connect with my energy and
bring out things I wasn’t aware of.

When I started working with Francoise, my main goal was to get clear regarding my message and ideal client. I wanted to feel more confident when talking about my practice and services. I got all that and more!

Francoise gave me the structure I needed to find both my message and ideal client in a way that flowed from within and felt aligned with who I am today.

Francoise was able to connect with my energy and bring out things I wasn’t aware of. She is very intuitive and insightful. I received so many great nuggets of wisdom that I use almost every day and have also incorporated into my own Food, Spirit & Sensuality practice. Even though the work is deep and difficult at times, I enjoyed going through all the exercises. They will be part of my toolkit for years to come. I wholeheartedly recommend Francoise as a Success Coach and will be happy to talk to anyone about my experience.

Rosie Milan | High Vibration Eating Coach | Food, Spirit & Sensuality | rosie-milan.com

The Elegance Experience is ideal for you if:

Imagine being clear and concrete in your point of view, and saying yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no.

Imagine being supported with guidance and with accountability, so that you trust your decisions, live on brand, and wake up every day to your life and business by design.

Imagine owning your elegance today, tomorrow and always.

Your Investment

Pay In Full

  • Twelve 60-minute weekly coaching sessions
  • BONUS: One 3-hour mini intensive in person or via Skype
  • Welcome packet
  • Weekly modules to guide the process and implement systems
  • Unlimited email support
  • Accountability

Payment Plan

$2,3503 payments
  • Twelve 60-minute weekly coaching sessions
  • BONUS: One 3-hour mini intensive in person or via Skype
  • Welcome packet
  • Weekly modules to guide the process and implement systems
  • Unlimited email support
  • Accountability