I am thrilled to be writing to you from a whole new space.

In the last five weeks, I’ve travelled to Paris, Newport, RI and now Sarasota, FL, all with a stop at home in Atlanta in between.  Each trip has offered me a new space to come from and to expand into.

If you have recently joined this community, welcome!  If you’ve chosen to continue on a journey of elegance in your business and in your life, you’re in the right place!

Today I want to share some deeper learnings with you, about what elegance really looks like in life and in business.

Sometimes it’s essential to go back to basics – to the simplicity, to the foundation, to the essence of what is true for you.  That’s elegance, and that time is now!

I recently heard myself say “I’ve been trying to build my palace on a shack foundation.”

Two things were revealed instantly when I said those words… and they fit right into what the innate quality of elegance is about:

  1. Everything that isn’t working in my life and in my business has shown up to be handled, because having your life and business work for you is at the height of elegance.  So you might as well be honest with where you are and get to work on where you want to be.
  2. I was the biggest missing ingredient in my life and in my foundation.  What’s elegant, is when you are fully present in your life, and you are honest with where you are.

Going “home” to Paris was a journey to find myself again.  To be honest, Paris has not been my home since I was 2 1/2 years old.  However, it is my birth place and I intended to have the experience of “going home to myself” on that trip.  That’s elegant for sure!

I learned a great deal more about elegance while in Paris.  Elegance is a missing ingredient in many life recipes.  It is not about having the right clothes and the right outfits and belonging to the right country club.  It is about infusing your life and business with simple pleasure.  It’s about being present.  That’s elegant!

Elegance is quite simply, a state of BEING.  It comes from inside.  It is YOU BEING YOU with your VOICE and full-blown VISIBILITY.  Unapologetically!

The missing ingredient is quite simply YOU!

My journey has taken me down some paths that are so raw I’m not quite ready to reveal them yet.  But I will tell you that there is a GIFT behind every challenge I’ve stepped into.

First, there is the expansion of stepping into the challenge, so that you expand rather than adapt yourself to the challenging circumstance.  This alone, requires daily discipline.

Secondly, there is meeting with your own vulnerability, so that you transform your vulnerability into strength and inner power.

Third, there is nothing but truth, when you’ve been stripped naked of all seemingly elegant appearances.  What if the elegance is in being stripped naked and transparent, so that you find out that you are still standing despite your circumstances?

There isn’t a woman you might admire as an icon of elegance who has not been through her fair share of trials.  You see, when a woman perseveres on her path through the challenges placed in front of her, she connects much more deeply to who she is — after all, she’s the one who’s been missing all along.

I’ve been there — missing ME all along — helping others, while also claiming certain things for myself – but what I’ve experienced very deeply is that it wasn’t until my back was up against the wall, that I started to stand for myself radically.  There is much inner power there asking to be revealed.  Because again, it’s alway YOU who is asking to be revealed.

So, I want to share with you three very simple things you can do immediately to shift to elegance, no matter your circumstances.

  1. For your BODY:  Take a hot bath every evening to relax and prepare yourself for bed.  Wash off the day, both physically and energetically.  This way, you actually prepare yourself for sleep and you create an intentional transition from day to night.  Expect a really good night sleep so you can be truly restored the next day.
  2. For your MIND & EMOTIONAL WELLBEING:  Make a conscious decision to “love yourself, honor yourself, and respect yourself.”   As a matter of fact, before every meal, connect to YOU and repeat three times “I love myself, I honor myself, I respect myself.”  And then watch the choices you make throughout the day.  You’ll be amazed to see how easily you choose to put yourself first and honor everyone else in the process.
  3. For your BUSINESS & your LIFE:  Take action from a place of love, rather than fear.  I support you fully in taking massive action as long as it is inspired first.  If you take massive action from a place of fear or lack, you create more of it.  So to shift you energy when you find yourself in lack or fear, move your body.  Go for a walk, get on the floor and do 10 pushups, run up and down stairs, dance.  Moving your body will always shift your energy.

One of the things I love to teach is how to unleash your wealth consciousness through your body.  You wind up with greater wealth consciousness and greater vitality at the same time.  Elegant!

I’d love to hear from you.  Post your comments here to let me know what you’re taking on.