The Elegance Intensive

You are meant to love your life in every way.

You are meant to own your unique, fulfilling, boutique business.

You are meant to live a life that is elegantly yours, confidently and unapologetically.

The Elegance Intensive is where you get to honor your truth and witness your personal evolution as a woman and entrepreneur.

For a long time I wanted to find my voice, but it was always too much or too little. Mostly it was too little. I wasn’t bold enough and other times, I was asking for too much. I wanted to be visible but it was a bit scary without my voice.

Through The Elegance Intensive, I teach women to be feminine and fearless leaders in life and in business. You will find your voice and be unapologetic about it. Simply because creating your boutique business and a life you love requires that of you – in the most beautiful and elegant way you can imagine!

Perhaps your life looks great from the outside. Mine did. My life was all wrapped up in a box with a pretty bow on it. I had the kind, loving husband, the house, and the adorable baby girl adopted from China. I also had the very prestigious job at one of the top management consulting firms in the world.

Yet, deep inside, something was missing. The connection to myself was empty. I had what was seemingly a successful life, but that life lived outside of me. Inside, I was dying and I didn’t have the voice to express it.

Over the last few years, I have found my voice. I have developed a strong sense of who I am. I stand in my truth and express it from a grounded place. I realized that at our core, that is what we all desire.

We want to express from our core. We want to live from our deepest desires. Yet, often, we are scared to express what we truly feel because of the fear of what others will think about us.

In The Elegance Intensive, you get to be witnessed for who you are.

You are held in a safe space, so that you bring your authentic voice to life.

You are able to articulate your desires and to make decisions from them, rather than from what you think you should do or what others expect of you.

With your voice, you are ready to be heard and to be seen.

You develop a strong sense of self and look in detail at where you desire to take your life and business to create a life that is elegantly yours.

Together we tap into your fearless and feminine leadership. We bring love, passion, pleasure and your sensual self to your life and business. We give you permission to tap into your femininity, a part of yourself that you crave and that is not always modeled in your life -yet is critical to your success.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

The Elegance Intensive is perfect if you are ready to:

  • Connect more deeply with yourself and your voice
  • Live your life, and create your business from your desires
  • Bring ease, joy and style into your life and business
  • Attract ideal clients and money as a result of feeling clear and confident
  • Create elegant marketing, and lead elegant sales conversations
  • Bring forth your feminine leadership essence into your life and business
  • Receive more life and more clients in a big way
  • Gift yourself with an elegant experience at a beautiful location

Francoise gives me a safe place to share feelings
that otherwise might not get said out loud.

I am so thankful to be working with Francoise Everett.   It has been an amazing experience.

Before I started working with Francoise, I was clueless about the things holding me back not only in business but in life (and how those two areas were connected).  And now, I have become more aware of the feelings and untruths that have been holding me back in life and business.  Francoise gives me a safe place to share thoughts and feelings that otherwise might not get said out loud.

Thanks to Francoise, I have been able to identify and become more aware of the thought processes that were holding me back.  I have been able to take action for real results that are helping me achieve my goals.  I have a set plan for moving forward and living the life I have dreamed of living.

Sandra Durbin | Rodan and Fields |

The Elegance Intensive will radically change your world. Learn to embrace your elegance and femininity with powerful results. Whether you enjoy city chic or luxurious resorts, your elegance experience awaits you.

Elegance Intensives Destinations

The St. Regis Hotel


Canyon Ranch Miami Beach


The Ritz-Carlton


Your Investment

$3,00000one-time payment
  • Welcome Packet
  • 30-minute pre-session via Skype
  • 1-day private intensive that focuses on your specific goals to elevate to elegance
  • A personal plan and a marketing plan for your business
  • An Elegance-style luncheon
  • Round trip car service from the airport to your elegant hotel
All sales are final. A member of the Elegance Team will contact you after enrollment to schedule your intensive date.

Not sure if an Elegance Intensive is right for you?
Book your complimentary 60-minute Elegance Discovery Session to explore if it’s the right fit for you.