Welcome to my first video in two years!

I was inspired yesterday to create a video while on my walk with my daughter on the world-famous Cliff Walk in Newport, RI (photo above). As my daughter pointed out, I say way too many ‘uhms’ but I chose to let it be because I loved sharing this message with you about conversations that connect, create impact, create collaborations, create contribution and conversations that convert.

About six months ago, I had a vision.

And it is a conversation that helped me create this vision.

I saw the possibility of collaboration between three organizations:

  • Water for Cambodia, an NGO founded by my father, Gunther Hausen
  • Sub Saharan Education Project (SSEP), founded by friend and colleague Sara Allegra
  • PURE Inspired Jewels for Charity by Victoria Rosetti

I’ve been an active participant in humanitarian efforts since I was 25 years old, with a desire that was ignited in me when I was 14. I decided that one day I would sponsor a child.

Eventually I went on to sponsor four children, one each in Columbia, Bangladesh, China and the Philippines.

Fast-forward to today, and I continue to be moved and inspired to help children and families in villages dealing with issues around clean water, education, and disease prevention.

Thus the vision I had six months ago has now come to fruition through the collaboration of three women, and a conversation that created new possibilities.

Yesterday evening, I attended the 12th Annual Benefit of Water for Cambodia and we’ve added a follow-up event on Saturday where we will be selling jewelry from Ghana (SSEP) and PURE Inspired Jewels, benefitting all three organizations.

Can you imagine conversations that open up new worlds for you and for others?

Can you imagine your life and your business blossoming through conversations that create impact?

It is through conversations that you create a new world.

It is through conversations that you contribute.

It is through conversations that you convert (or enroll another into a new vision – your own vision or the one you help someone else see as a possibility for herself).

Since it all lives in conversation, what do you most desire to create?

Is it living a life that is elegantly yours?

Is it the experience of passion, pleasure and profits in your business?

Is it being present for yourself and those you love in your life?

What do you most need to express in order to have conversations that create a new world for you and for others?

Here are ways you can create what you most desire with ease and effortlessness:

  • Get crystal clear on your vision.
    Looking back, I was so clear on this collaboration (more clear about this than I sometimes was about my own business) that I didn’t NOT see it happen. It was like “oh, we’re just doing this.” There was no drama, no real challenge, no reason “why not.” It’s not to say that there weren’t some obstacles along the way. Those that showed up were resolved in conversation. Much like water running somewhere will find an alternate path, when we came up against a NO, we just said “ok, how about this instead?” The process has been a great reminder for me of how much we can complicate things in our own business. When I stepped out of my business to create this massive collaboration and jewelry sale, it did not take much effort. It took vision and commitment.
  • Trust your vision.
    You are fully supported so keep taking action in the direction of your vision. When something is not in alignment, let it go. When it is, keep going. No struggle is necessary. I can easily see from this experience how we create all the struggle. Let it go, and trust your vision.
  • Have conversations that connect, contribute and convert.
    Last night at the event, I just kept educating people on the jewelry I was selling and explained how the collaboration was helping two NGOs. When you have a vision, a true vision, you are inspired by it. This is where you get to take inspired action in alignment with your vision.
  • Commitment without attachment.
    When you are inspired by your vision, it is easy to enroll others in it – it’s natural and effortless, AND you are not attached to whether or not they say yes. If you take a moment to translate this into your own business, take a look and see if you are attached to clients saying yes OR whether you are committed to enrolling them into their own vision for themselves. This is where you get to create a new possibility through conversations that contribute. This step is essential because when you enroll someone into your vision or into their own possibility, it is where they convert and take action. It is through contribution that we move ourselves and our world forward.

I would love to hear your comments below. What vision do you have? What contribution do you desire to make? It can be very simple. Remember, I started with a vision of collaboration to benefit three organizations. I was moved by the work of two NGOs close to my heart, and it all began with a conversation to create a new possibility.