Strategy + Spirit

Do you ever feel like you are really good at extremes?  

Polar opposites seem to lure you one way this week and lead you in a different direction next week?  

And you can’t quite figure out how to bridge these qualities?

You wonder if you should be choosing one direction or another?

I get it!  I’ve been in […]

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Beautiful Business


When it’s not present, I feel at odds, not in my full wellbeing, whether I’m looking in life or in business.

I’ve come to realize that the reason I wanted to be in business for myself, was to infuse more beauty into how I make a living… and into how others get to live and […]

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Playing with Possibilities

I am reaching for the impossible.

And it feels remarkably empowering.

Today, I want to speak with you about infusing beauty and soul into business…

I have BIG goals this year.  They light me up in a huge way, and without beauty and soul, these goals would seem very challenging… even dry and meaningless.  But, with my desires […]

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Your Gateway to a Powerful 2018!

Welcome to 2018!It is in my experience that beginning a new year having reviewed your previous year allows you to really see your successes and achievements, integrate what you have learned, and review your gratitudes from the past year.
Rather than blindly diving into the new year with some half-hearted resolutions, reviewing your 2017 will empower […]

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You and the Miraculous!

I see now that it takes something to really have what you want… to create life the way you want it to be.  It’s not forceful… it’s finding your own Self as force, as power, as beauty, as truth.  There is no-one else who can do this for you.  Nor would you want it that […]

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The Pressure of Goals and Deadlines!

Over this past month, I had many goals and deadlines, some of which were real, and some of which were unrealistically self-imposed.

As I observed myself during the month of multiple moves, and then unpacking at the new place, I saw very clearly that I wound up going in the direction which was most important to […]

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The Universe has Your Back! Do you?

I’ve been reading and doing the work in the “Advanced How to Become Money Workbook” by Gary M. Douglas.  The book is all about expanding consciousness and living out of the question rather than the answer.  It is focused on who you are willing to be, rather than the model of being right and not […]

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Waking Up the Strength Within

On the verge of losing everything, I find myself raw, resilient and resourceful.

I let go and connect within — not as a practice but as a being present — and I allow time to slow down as I take one step at a time.  I get real with my commitment.  The only thing that matters is today. […]

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Becoming Beautifully Sustainable

It is indeed a winding road to come back to one’s center.  

While we may set the intention or have the idea in mind, or the desire to do so, and we may even journal about it, at times the path is a meandering one.

However, it is possible to finally stumble upon your own version of […]

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Style. Substance. Simplicity. Sustainability. Sincerity. Soul.

These are pillars of elegance!


We’ve been overcomplicating just about everything.

We’ve gotten lost in the land of ‘more’.

We believe if we ‘just get to this place’ or ‘accomplish one more thing’ we’ll ‘get there’.

But there isn’t a ‘getting there’.

The true ‘getting there’ is trusting in the journey of your life.

Believing in the possibility of your desires being manifested […]

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