It is indeed a winding road to come back to one’s center.  

While we may set the intention or have the idea in mind, or the desire to do so, and we may even journal about it, at times the path is a meandering one.

However, it is possible to finally stumble upon your own version of becoming beautifully sustainable.  And it is worth the journey.  Because essentially, it is a journey which unfolds from your truth.

Let’s take a look at the pillars of elegance, and see how they bring you and your business forth into being beautifully sustainable.  These pillars apply to your life and business.  They come from both inner and outer experience, and thus can infuse fluidity in your daily life.


These pillars support you while also being the Source for you with each step you take.  Coming from within you are supported fully, inside and out, in such a way as to help you commit, grow your confidence and gain clarity.  In today’s piece, I’m highlighting sustainability.

Let’s take a look!

If I am to break it down for you, here are the steps for doing so.

You experience a glimpse of becoming beautifully sustainable.  It might be a fleeting moment, a hopeful moment, a taste through feelings and vision or dreaming and journaling.  It might be that you feel a possibility just reading this blog.

Believe that it is possible for you and your business to become beautifully sustainable.  It is not necessary to force it, nor to hold onto the feeling.  The feeling you experience is enough for you to know that it’s possible for you.  Allow it to become a knowing from within.

Commit to becoming beautifully sustainable.  Again, don’t force it.  First, allow it.  In the past I felt like I had to keep the feeling alive and I made it mean that if I could no longer feel it, then it wasn’t available to me.  This is false, so don’t fall into the trap of this limiting belief that you must feel it at all times.   Then, define it.  What does it mean for you to be beautifully sustainable?  For me, it means that my life is supported with clean food and eating, healthy exercise like yoga and walking so that my body is in full vitality, and that my business fully supports my life.  AND, it also means that my business supports itself.  This can create a lot of pressure… something I know a great deal about, and now, with a softer, gentler approach, it is easier to reach this level of sustainability.

Take a step.  Act in alignment with the feeling of this possibility.  For example, what next step might you take in your business in order to lean in the direction of it becoming beautifully sustainable?  What action might you take in your personal life to again lean in the direction of becoming beautifully sustainable?  There is incredible potential in this space.  Often this is where people tend to force it and ‘make it happen’.  While this can work well, it is often not sustainable long term, as it can easily lead to fatigue and burnout.  Therefore, allow yourself to feel guided.  Allow for space to rest.  When we push too hard, there is a point at which your return is diminished.   I just came across a quote saying “Enjoy God’s gifts of work and rest,” in case you needed permission to rest!

Each step or action you take grows your confidence in a natural way, which allows you to stay longer in your sense of wellbeing.  Wellbeing IS sustainable.  More will come to you which sustains you beautifully in your life and in your business.

As you step into your journey, you gain clarity.  Trust that the clarity is being revealed to you with each step.  I have found that getting clear first is not always necessary.  When you have a feeling or an idea of what being beautifully sustainable is for you, that is enough to take the first step.  Take it!  Too often I’ve waited for more clarity and it just kept me stuck.  When you have the feeling of taking the next step, even if not fully clear, take it immediately.  Any tweaking will occur as you take the step.  Refinement occurs after the action and the results are revealed.

Define yourself as you grow in your journey.  I say this as a reminder to you, to not let others define you.  Most of us have allowed others to define us as they see us or as they want us to be.  This is also not sustainable.  Something will give or break down in your life and/or in your business, if it hasn’t already.  If it has, you know what I’m talking about.

As we begin the second half of the year, I invite you to consider bringing forth the following:

Elegance in your life.
Support in your business.
Your next level of potential.

Becoming beautifully sustainable.


With love and elegance,