When it’s not present, I feel at odds, not in my full wellbeing, whether I’m looking in life or in business.

I’ve come to realize that the reason I wanted to be in business for myself, was to infuse more beauty into how I make a living… and into how others get to live and do business as well.

I’ve become aware that sometimes, the beauty is in the process, and sometimes, the beauty is in the spaciousness.

I’m allowing for slower moments to be present, as these often move me to something fresh, an insight which has not presented itself before.

It occurs to me that in our frenzy of making sure we have all the strategy and the implementation, we get caught up in our thinking of everything we ‘should’ be doing.  And then, as if that’s not enough, we evaluate ourselves to a destructive degree.

This nasty little habit of evaluating, is in fact, destroying all possibilities of experiencing beauty, success, and money in your business.

Recall when you learned to walk.  It was a natural process.  You took steps.  Perhaps you fell down.  You got up and tried again.  Sometimes you made it from the door to the coffee table, and other times you didn’t…

You did not evaluate yourself for not making it across the room.  As a matter of fact, your parents experienced the beauty of your attempt.  If you are a parent, most likely you’ve witnessed this also.

Recently, I came across something stating that ‘failure is not the opposite of success, but rather, it is a part of success.’  

Reframing your understanding of failure, would you make more attempts?  Do you see the beauty in the design?

Doesn’t that leave you with a tremendous gift, to be able to embrace each step of the journey?

I recall the beauty of my business when I was in France in 2014 for my family reunion, thus the photo of me in Normandy:

The beauty of working from anywhere.  
The beauty of the present moment.
The beauty of connecting locally and globally.
The beauty of transformation for my clients.
The beauty of my own expansion.
The beauty of spending time with family from many corners of the world.

When you stop trying so hard, your beautiful business becomes one of your own design.  It unfolds, naturally… beautifully!

Yes, you’ll put in the hours.  Hardly anyone who is successful doesn’t put in the hours.  But, what if all those hours in your business-building experience were mostly beautiful?

Would that offer you a completely different experience of creating and thriving in your business?

I invite you to consider your beautiful business… your beautiful life… and if you’re not quite seeing it, or it feels elusive, let’s have a conversation.  Yours will look different than mine… and that’s the beauty of it!