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Françoise Everett is the creator and founder of Elegance, Business & Lifestyle, an entrepreneurial and lifestyle brand that inspires women business owners worldwide.

Revelations on a boat ride…

Today I’m excited to share with you about the powerful breakthrough I had on the boat earlier this week.

If you read my earlier email, you will remember that while boating on Monday evening I was in so much resistance I wanted to throw my beloved boyfriend overboard.  He was trying to show me something about […]

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Elegance… Is What’s Missing Just Simply YOU?

I am thrilled to be writing to you from a whole new space.

In the last five weeks, I’ve travelled to Paris, Newport, RI and now Sarasota, FL, all with a stop at home in Atlanta in between.  Each trip has offered me a new space to come from and to expand into.

If you have recently […]

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Conversations that Create…

Welcome to my first video in two years!

I was inspired yesterday to create a video while on my walk with my daughter on the world-famous Cliff Walk in Newport, RI (photo above). As my daughter pointed out, I say way too many ‘uhms’ but I chose to let it be because I loved sharing this […]

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Assume Nothing

I was having a conversation earlier today with a woman who has decided to work with me – one of the seven who said YES to herself and who is receiving the 20% promotion for her 90-day program. She also wanted to refer two women, however, she doesn’t know if they can afford it.

I told […]

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Are You Creating Enough Space?

I want to share an amazing resource with you.

Meet Amanda Royan. Modern day Mary Poppins.

She has a radiant personality. A unique business. And magnetic energy.

I’m sharing her gifts, talents, and abilities with you because if you are a mom with a successful career or a woman in business, and you wish you were as successful […]

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The Body-Business Relationship… Are You Thriving or Collapsing?

Are you aware of the effect of your business on your body?

How about the effect of your body on your business?

Or perhaps it’s simply the effect of your body on your family, and the effect of your family on your body?

No matter how you slice it up, there is a correlation between the health of […]

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Winter Wake-Up Call

Listen closely, and you’ll hear your wake-up call.

I’ve been asking for what 2015 is about for me, and while I had a clue, I wasn’t feeling it.

Part of the reason I believe I wasn’t feeling it, is because I’ve been too busy (consumed is more like it) being miserable in the cold weather.

From […]

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There is nothing like popping a bottle of champagne to sit down and write my first official blog on Elegance for the launch of my new website!

What is elegance, and what does it have to do with business and lifestyle?

In my world, everything!

Wikipedia defines Elegance as a synonym for beauty that has come to acquire […]

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What Is Freedom In Business and Lifestyle?

Atlanta? Sarasota? Paris?

Time with my daughter.

Scottsdale? Los Angeles? Miami?

Business in my laptop.

What is freedom in business and lifestyle? What is it for you?

If you could do life and business by design, do you know exactly what that would look like?

Do you know how you would make your life extraordinary?

Would you be living your desires daily?

It […]

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The Elegant Entreprenuer Practices Inspired Action

As much as I love elegance in my life, I’ve come to equally love being a woman entrepreneur. It’s who I’ve become in the process that thrills me the most.

If you had told me three years ago what it would take to build my business, I don’t know if I would have continued. I’m glad […]

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