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Françoise Everett is the creator and founder of Elegance, Business & Lifestyle, an entrepreneurial and lifestyle brand that inspires women business owners worldwide.

The Universe has Your Back! Do you?

I’ve been reading and doing the work in the “Advanced How to Become Money Workbook” by Gary M. Douglas.  The book is all about expanding consciousness and living out of the question rather than the answer.  It is focused on who you are willing to be, rather than the model of being right and not […]

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Waking Up the Strength Within

On the verge of losing everything, I find myself raw, resilient and resourceful.

I let go and connect within — not as a practice but as a being present — and I allow time to slow down as I take one step at a time.  I get real with my commitment.  The only thing that matters is today. […]

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Becoming Beautifully Sustainable

It is indeed a winding road to come back to one’s center.  

While we may set the intention or have the idea in mind, or the desire to do so, and we may even journal about it, at times the path is a meandering one.

However, it is possible to finally stumble upon your own version of […]

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Style. Substance. Simplicity. Sustainability. Sincerity. Soul.

These are pillars of elegance!


We’ve been overcomplicating just about everything.

We’ve gotten lost in the land of ‘more’.

We believe if we ‘just get to this place’ or ‘accomplish one more thing’ we’ll ‘get there’.

But there isn’t a ‘getting there’.

The true ‘getting there’ is trusting in the journey of your life.

Believing in the possibility of your desires being manifested […]

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Harmonizing Success with Wellbeing

Alright.  I know.  I know.  You think this is too easy.

“Don’t I have to work at this?  Don’t I have to have some skin in the game?” you ask?

Yes, you do have to work.
As human beings, we must take action.
Of course, you’re not creating life merely meditating on the couch.

However, women I speak with are […]

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I Held My Vision in My Heart!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to know ‘the how’.

I get it.  I used to want to know ‘the how’ too.

But the truth is, there isn’t really a how that I can teach you, which will definitely work for you.  What I can teach you, more than anything else, is to quiet down and […]

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A Passion for Paleo and Profits (Part 2)

Welcome back to this two-part blog!

Today, part 2 is focused on profits, which you will discover is essential to your business to support your lifestyle.  In 2014, I created and taught a 5-week course called Permission to Profit.  It was created for entrepreneurial moms to support them with conscious parenting and profitable business-building.  In essence it […]

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A Passion for Paleo and Profits (Part 1)

I am completely passionate about eating paleo and about creating profits in my business. Both of these lead to an experience of prosperity – a physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

Today, part 1 is focused on paleo, which you will discover is a lifestyle.

Part 1: Paleo.

I have a constant, innate desire to nurture my body and […]

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Discovering Your Aligned Energies

Each of us has masculine and feminine energies.  We are meticulously designed to flow between them as necessary so that we can access everything we’ve ever required and desired in life.

Most of us, when we were younger, were encouraged and guided to be a certain way.  It was a matter of “This way will keep you out […]

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Revelations on a boat ride…

Today I’m excited to share with you about the powerful breakthrough I had on the boat earlier this week.

If you read my earlier email, you will remember that while boating on Monday evening I was in so much resistance I wanted to throw my beloved boyfriend overboard.  He was trying to show me something about […]

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