I was having a conversation earlier today with a woman who has decided to work with me – one of the seven who said YES to herself and who is receiving the 20% promotion for her 90-day program. She also wanted to refer two women, however, she doesn’t know if they can afford it.

I told her that it is not up to her to determine if a woman can afford her own transformation. The first time I heard this statement from my coach, it opened the door for me to assume nothing.

Furthermore, here is what opens up when I assume nothing.

It gives me full access to make a discovery session truly about discovery, and to come from nothing – no preconceived notions, no assumptions, and no attachment – only commitment to clarity for the highest good of all.

The discovery process is about not leaving any stone unturned, so that the woman I’m speaking with gets crystal clear about what is true for her – where she is, where she wants to be, and whether working together is the right path for her. In the discovery process, she might find out that what she really wants is not at all what she thought, and that she had never inquired deeply enough to really find out the deeper truth for herself.

While all this has been emerging today, I also picked a card out of my box of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and here is what showed up in the the agreement category of Don’t Make Assumptions.

In any kind of relationship, we can make the assumption that others know what we think, and we don’t have to say what we want. We assume they are going to do what we want because they know us so well. If they don’t do what we want, we feel hurt and think, How could you do that? You should know.

This quote further deepens my understanding of coming to a conversation without an assumption.

•    What if each conversation you have comes from a clear space?
•    What kind of conversation would you create?
•    What if you leave the past behind?
•    Who would you be in this moment… newly created?

Sales, as one client told me today, feels a bit unnerving if we have to go deeper… because it might feels sales-y.  Sales is fun when women show up knowing that they are already a yes, she said.

Yet, we are often not listened to on a much deeper level, so the opportunity we offer another to speak about her dreams, her vision, her goals, all the while acknowledging where she is, is a beautiful and powerful gift to give someone.  That is why I love discovery sessions – I get to be present with you, while taking myself out of the picture – we are in complete discovery of where you are and who you desire to be, and together we create an opportunity for you to step into your new possibility if you so choose to.  All the while, we make no assumptions!  AND, your new possibility might include working together and it might not.

I remember a personal story many years ago when I was training with Asian masters in yoga.  I was told to take a particular workshop, and I was really nervous, because the truth is that I was so deeply committed to my growth at that time (I was literally hungry for it) that I was afraid that I would find out that I might want to leave my family and become a Master myself (with the ridiculous assumption that I could not do both).  And it terrified me to think I could ever do such a thing.  The Master I was speaking with said, you don’t know what you’ll discover – you might discover you want to go to Church more.  I realized in the moment that I was full of assumptions… not to mention full of fears that were consuming me and eating me up alive inside.  That’s what fears do to you by the way – they eat you up alive, an they are all made up in your mind… more assumptions.  Anyway, I left my assumptions at the door and went to the workshop and my life has unfolded in a beautifully fulfilling way because I got clear… in the face of fear.

I share this because I’ve had many such conversations since then, conversations I was nervous to have, and yet, the worst place to be is in the indecision of waiting to see and sitting on the fence.

I love when a woman finds her voice with a powerful YES or a powerful NO.  That is my commitment in every conversation I have.  So, in the space of assuming nothing, you are invited to explore if working together is something you would like to do.

If you’ve read this far and you feel called, even if you’re not quite sure what is calling you, we can discover together what is true for you.  You will either be a powerful YES or a powerful NO for yourself, and you will be more grounded in your power when you step off the fence.

Email team@FrancoiseEverett.com to request your discovery session.  A team member will get back to you to schedule your session.  The 20% promotion offer is available to you through Saturday, February 28th.

The most powerful place for you to say YES to you, is to get clear about what you want in your life and in your business.

I look forward to helping you step into your power.

With much love and gratitude,