I see now that it takes something to really have what you want… to create life the way you want it to be.  It’s not forceful… it’s finding your own Self as force, as power, as beauty, as truth.  There is no-one else who can do this for you.  Nor would you want it that way.

The beauty within — the inner richness — is always there.  Sometimes, however, it’s covered up, and if you didn’t have to go excavate it, you’d see that the life of your dreams is already here… it has been all along.  You’re just not present to it in this moment.

There is a creation piece in everything we do… moment by moment.
A balance piece…
A health piece…
A relationship piece…
A career piece…
A spirituality piece…
A money piece…
And more… each one, moment by moment.

You have the power to create something new, each and every moment.

However, we often get lost meandering from one focus to another, clinging to one point of view and then another as we travel along our path.  I’m learning a deeper knowing, a remembering, that I have not arrived to any conclusive destination… even when I’ve finally done it… achieved it!   Even that experience, only lasts a moment.

So to give you the space of creation, you are invited to take time off.  To rest, to restore, and to pause in the unknown.  And to trust, that you are in the unknown for a reason.  Certainty is a place of finite possibilities.  Uncertainty, on the other hand, is a high state of being.

Where do you rest most of the time?
Where do you live most of the time?
Where do you feel at ease most of the time?
And from where do you operate in business most of the time?

Take a look and see… because if you feel most comfortable in the center of certainty, you are missing the miraculous.  There is an infinite well of possibility in the unknown.

You are invited into an exploration in 2018!

Rather than holding firm to your resolutions and intentions, only to have them fall by the side shortly after you set them, why not consider an exploration of infinite possibilities, all of which live outside of what you already know, yet come from within you?

I’m talking about exquisite living and being in business in a totally different way… one which is grounded, fluid, and fresh to you on a daily basis.

If you’re feeling stale from the same-old, year after year, this is a place from which you can experience your life with freshness.  You can access a deeper Self, feel at home in your own skin, and no longer compare yourself to others.  You can live and do business from inner guidance.

Here is what you can expect from an exploration into the miraculous together:

We’ll meet twice a month on Zoom – bring your life and business challenges and we’ll work on these in addition to exploring the following topics together:

  • Resting in the Unknown
  • Creating Results
  • Insecure Thinking to Confidence
  • Stopping the Comparison Game
  • Our Point of Creation:  What Unfolds
  • Intelligence vs. Intellect
  • Resilience and Stress
  • Being Financially Fearless
  • A Return to Physical and Financial Wellbeing
  • Trusting Ourselves:  What that Really Feels Like
  • Asking Deeper Questions… Those Which Move You and Your Business Forward!
You will also:
–>  Learn to navigate the unknown and to trust your wisdom.  I’ll be a continual reminder to look to your own wisdom as you move your business forward over the next six months.
–>  Discern the difference between should and a deeper knowing when it comes to moving forward in your life and business.  There is a huge difference.  It is one I must tap into as well to return to center and my own grounding.  When you honor your deeper knowing, it has a massive impact on your day-to-day life experience, and on the results create in your business.
–>  Thrive in business:  there are women in business who succeed with striving, driving and working endless hours. Then there are those who are incredibly productive and work in a healthy way.  I’ll keep you on track with this.


When we get into flow around business, and we begin implementing with a lot less friction, we will know what is next for us.  Often, this is when the systems and structures are called forth.  

And when that’s the case, I will help you implement systems and structures to create fulfillment in life and business, and you will have the possibility of extraordinary performance.  You will bring workability into your life which will transform the experience you have on a daily basis.  Ultimately, you will have way more FUN in your life!

This is an intimate Group Experience for the conscious and revolutionary healer, coach, entrepreneur and woman in business!

Investment:  $1500 pay in full or $300 x 6 payments.


Please book a 30 minute session to see if you’re a fit for the program, and I will answer any questions you might still have.